Elements of Roast Profiling

Discover your perfect approach to roasting

Topics Covered

  • Roasting Theory and Terminology
  • Approaches to Roast Profiles
  • Roast Defects
  • Green Coffee Quality Assessment
  • Quality Control Techniques for Roasted Coffee
  • Density, moisture, and informing your roast

Marcus Young

Director of Boot Coffee Campus

What You Need

  • For roasting Boot Coffee provided samples: A coffee roasting machine capable of roasting 500g or less with bean temperature, exhaust temperature, and gas control
  • - OR -
  • If you prefer to roast coffee from your own green inventory, you need inventory for roasting at least 6 batches of coffee
  • Access to a computer for eLearning sessions and digital materials
  • Cupping and tasting supplies including hot water, cupping vessels, grinder, scale, cupping spoons

One on One Coaching

During the course take advantage of one on one coaching sessions with your instructor.

Price: $990.00

Are you ready to take your roasting to the next level, and explore the myriad flavors you, as a roaster, can coax out of your coffee? In Elements of Roast Profiling students, under the guidance of skilled instructors, explore all that coffee has to offer.

This course is designed for roasters with access to their own roasting and cupping equipment, but without the time to travel and visit Boot Coffee Campus.

The innovative webinar platform combines eLearning, one on one coaching, and sharing green and roasted samples between your roastery and our instructors at Boot Coffee Campus.

Students gain the same skills and work with the same instructors as our live campus courses, but save on travel costs and are able to work with their own familiar equipment. Because we spread the course across several weeks, you can work on the hands on assignments at your own pace and when it is convenient for you!

Before the start of class all students will receive coded and/or labeled samples of a variety of green and roasted coffees. eLearning sessions will provide detailed instructions on cupping and preparation techniques, roasting theory, and hands on exercises which students will perform at their own facilities. A few days later we regroup online to share results and experiences and cover material for the next hands-on sessions.

Boot Coffee Campus will provide postage paid shipping boxes for students to return their roasting samples to instructors, where your instructor will analyze your coffee and roast profiles, discuss alternative approaches for improvement, and then send you back to your roaster with homework to continue improving on your protocols.

This course requires students who are self motivated to learn and improve. Students should have facilities for roasting and cupping coffees and be prepared to share their profiles and coffees in online discussions and chat groups. Between class meeting dates, instructors will meet one on one with students to check on progress and are available by WhatsApp for continued support.

How It Works

Select and register for courses in Roast Profiling, Cupping & Quality Analysis, or Roasting Business Fundamentals at CoffeeCampus.com.

You will receive an email with detailed instructions about getting setup with Zoom Conference and any other platforms for your course.

Receive an invite to the WhatsApp or Slack group for your cohort of students.

The same email will contain digital downloads of the course handbook and any worksheets, roast and tasting logs, cupping forms, and other materials.

Approximately one week prior to the start of your course, you will receive a shipment from Boot Coffee with all of the necessary supplies for your course. Depending on our course of study these learning packs could include green coffee, roasted coffee, sensory lexicon samples, and more.

On Day 1 of your course please be prepared to login to the eLearning session via Zoom 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

At the specified start time our instructor will host  1-2 hour eLearning sessions covering topics relevant to that week’s hands-on assignments. These sessions are just like the lectures, discussions, and group assignments you may have experienced at other trainings – just remote.

You will work on the hands-on activities at our own facility. Because we are working remotely, it’s vital that you keep good notes and document your experiences.

For roasting courses, you will return partial samples of your roasted coffee to Boot Coffee using the provided bags and postage paid boxes (for students based in the USA).

Reconvene for the next eLearning session at the appointed time. We will review the hands-on activities, analyze the results as a group, and cover new materials in preparation for the next hands-on assignments.

During the course take advantage of one on one coaching sessions with your instructor.

When you complete the course you will receive a CoffeeCampus.com certificate of completion, an invitation to join the Boot Coffee Campus Alumni page on Facebook, and are eligible for discounts on future CoffeeCampus.com and Boot Coffee Campus courses.

Week 1

Lecture on roasting theory, green coffee analysis, and cupping

Hands-on green coffee assessment

Hands-on roasting exercises
Students return coffee to Boot Coffee

Lecture on roast profiling basics

Week 2

Coaching and 1 on 1 check-in
Boot Coffee tastes your coffees!

Lecture on advanced roast profiling

Homework on advanced roast profiles

Students return profiled coffees to Boot Coffee

Week 3

Lecture on post-roast quality control

Coaching and 1 on 1 check-in

Lecture: wrapping up and applying to your business

Review and course quiz

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